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Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd was formed in 2006 to bring homeowners and businesses, individual and unique Sash Windows in Rotherham. Our windows and doors are handcrafted at our fully equipped workshop in Barkingside, by joiners with exceptional experience and training. Members of our skilled team are FENSA registered.

Our company is renowned for combining the latest technology with traditional design to make elegant windows that stand the test of time. All our sash and casement windows perform high in terms of energy efficiency, and our doors meet high-security standards.

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Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows in
Rotherham & South Yorkshire

Introduced in the late 17th century. Wooden sash windows are an integral part of British architectural history and remain a fashionable and attractive feature of period buildings.


Sash Windows

Hand Crafted Casement Windows in
Rotherham & South Yorkshire

All our timber casement windows are made bespoke and can be customised to any colour or wood grain finish desired. There are various configurations that our skilled team can replicate.


Casement Windows

Searching for bespoke timber Sash Windows in the Rotherham area? Call us today on 0207 702 0000 or use the contact form below to arrange a free consultation and quotation.

    Facts about Rotherham

    General Info

    The Rotherham area had been used for iron production since the Roman occupation of Britain. However, toward the end of the 18th century, coal seams near the town made Rotherham an important settlement in the Industrial Revolution. Coal exports from the town led to infrastructure improvements in the River Don’s navigability, and the river eventually became an artery of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation system of navigable inland waterways.

    During the early Industrial Revolution iron, and later steel, became the principal industry in Rotherham, surviving into the 20th century. The Walker family built an iron empire in the 18th century, their foundries producing high quality cannons, including the majority of guns for the ship HMS Victory, and cast iron bridges, one of which was commissioned by Thomas Paine.


    Rotherham was founded in the early Middle Ages. Its name is from Old English hām ‘homestead, estate’, meaning ‘homestead on the Rother’. The river name is of Brittonic origin for ‘main river’, ro- ‘over, chief’ and duβr ‘water’. Another river called the Rother flows through East Sussex.The Anglo-Saxon settlement, with an ecclesiastical parish, was established on a Roman road’s ford over the River Don and the area around it.

    The 1086 Domesday Book records a manor previously held by lord Hakon in 1066 tenanted by William the Conqueror’s half-brother, Robert de Mortain. The 1086 record shows an absentee lord who held the most inhabited manor, Nigel Fossard.