Why are sash windows so popular?

Sliding sash windows first became popular during the Georgian era in England. Around the late 16th century onwards, timber frames and sliding sash windows were regularly used in architecture. It was only at the beginning of the first world war, when casement windows with hinges started to be more frequently used, that sliding sash windows fell out of favour. While casement windows may be the most popular style used today, the classic sash window design remains a desirable aesthetic for many modern homeowners. Let’s explore why sash windows, in particular, the Kingswood Joinery, is a popular choice in 2023.


Energy costs are rising and people are having to pay more than ever to heat their homes. Modern sash windows can combat increasing heating costs due to their energy efficient design. The windows in the Kingswood Joinery are made from high-performance uPVC frames, which effectively keep homes warm by reducing the need for central heating. These modern sash profiles also have low conductivity and create a formidable barrier to heat transfer. With A rated double glazing, the sash windows in the Kingswood Joinery improve the thermal performance of your home all year round. Contemporary sliding sash windows replicate the classic frame appearance and can also lead to cheaper heating bills.

why are sash windows popular


People living in busy cities or next to a main road often have issues with noise pollution. No one wants to hear the noise from road traffic or flight paths outside their home. Traditional sash windows were made with single glazed glass, which is unable to offer effective noise reduction – but this is not the case today. The sash windows in the Kingswood Joinery are popular with modern homeowners because the acoustic glass effectively reduces traffic sounds and other outside noises. Sash windows have a vintage style that enhances homes of all ages, and our noise reducing glass is just one of their many desirable features.


Sash windows stand out from other frames and their classic style remains a popular choice for modern homeowners. During the Georgian period, sash windows had six glass panes on the top sash and another 6 on the bottom sash. This 6 over 6 design was popular throughout the 17th and 18th century, before large panes of glass could easily be manufactured. Casement windows are the most popular windows used in architecture today, but nothing can quite compete with the charm of authentic sash windows. The designs of our Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose, and Charisma Rose models all replicate a classic aesthetic but meet 21st century performance standards – thanks to their durable uPVC frames, energy efficient glazing and reliable security features.

Traditional Sash Window Styles


It is commonly known that timber sash frames are unable to unable to stand the tests of time. In their prime, timber frames enhance the exterior look of properties, but if the wooden profiles have not been maintained correctly, they can draw unwanted attention to your property. Timber sash windows are known to have rotting and damp issues. Poor weatherproofing can also lead to paint flaking and bowing frames.

Modern uPVC sash windows successfully mimic the much-loved classic sliding design without all of the issues associated with timber frames. uPVC is easy to clean and will never need repainting – just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is enough to keep them looking just like new. Homeowners today don’t want to spend time and money repainting or repairing timber frames, and this is why low maintenance, uPVC sash windows are growing in popularity.


Eco-conscious homeowners often want to make their homes as environmentally friendly as possible. By boosting the insulating performance of your windows, you can effectively improve the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of your home. Not only will thermally efficient designs reduce your energy usage, but our modern sash windows are also a better choice for the planet, as uPVC uses less fossil fuel to make than any other commodity plastic. When you invest in sash windows from the Kingswood Joinery, you can expect the profiles to last for at least 35 years.

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Sash windows were popular in the Georgian and Victorian periods, but continue to be loved by homeowners today. Thanks to modern uPVC designs, homes can now benefit from the vintage style of sliding sash windows whilst providing several modern benefits.