Wooden Sash Windows in Twickenham Business Properties

There are many advantages to replacing the windows or doors of your business property. At Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd, much of our custom is from commercial clients in Twickenham and the wider London area, who are looking at ways to improve their premises. Not only will bespoke new wooden sash windows or wooden bi-fold doors enhance the aesthetics of your property, but can also reduce energy bills and create a more comfortable atmosphere.


We specialise in hand crafted windows and doors made to your exact specifications. From casement windows and casement doors to wooden sash windows and bi-fold doors, we help commercial property owners in Twickenham with our competitively priced, custom products. Contact us on 0207 7020000, to see how our products could help your business.


New Windows and Doors for Commercial Clients


Whether you run a commercial business, such as a restaurant, or are planning on renting out a commercial property space, there are many benefits to investing in new doors or windows from Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd. Some of the main advantages include:


1. Enhanced Security


Businesses of any size will always be concerned with the safety and security of their premises. Doors and windows should be secure and difficult to break into, which is why replacing them when they become worn or damaged is so important. We manufacture and install high-quality wooden sash windows, wooden bi-fold doors, casement windows and casement doors with excellent security features, for commercial clients in Twickenham.


2. Reduced Energy Bills


Increasing the energy efficiency of your commercial property can help reduce expenses and lower the overall cost of heating bills. Although you’ll be making an initial investment, the savings that can be made by reducing energy costs can be great. If you find you’re constantly needing to get your casement windows, casement doors or other windows and doors repaired, replacing them can also be more cost-effective than paying for repairs all the time.


3. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal


First impressions make a huge difference, no matter the type of business you’re running. You want to make sure your property is appealing to customers and your employees. Customers are more likely to want to enter a shop and spend money if you’ve taken care of the overall appearance of your property. Wooden sash windows are especially beneficial for improving the kerb appeal of period properties in Twickenham and the surrounding areas.


4. Increased Property Value


With better aesthetic appeal, improved energy efficiency and reduced noise, your commercial property will suddenly become much more attractive to buyers and tenants – increasing its value. Replacing features such as casement windows and casement doors immediately brings a building up-to-date and adds kerb appeal. Our wooden bi-fold doors are especially popular and work especially well for businesses such as restaurants and bars, to make the most out of the outside space and to create better access.


5. Improved Working Environment


Research into natural light has proven that is boosts productivity and creativity. It is the number one most wanted natural element in the workplace and has multiple health benefits, including reducing stress and improving mental health. Not only will your employees benefit, but better performance will benefit your business too. Bring more natural light into the workspace with more glazing, such as our wooden bi-fold doors.

Interested in our wooden sash windows, wooden bi-fold doors or casements windows and casement doors? Call 0207 7020000 to book a consultation appointment in Twickenham.

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