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Having new windows or doors installed are an excellent investment, but when is the best time to replace them? On this page, we look at seven of the most common signs to look out for that signify replacements are likely needed. At Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd, we manufacture and install bespoke wooden sash windows, casement windows, wooden bi-fold doors and casement doors for customers in the Richmond area. Call us for a quotation.


7 Signs Your Windows and Doors Need Replacing


If any of these common warning signs seem familiar to you, then replacing your windows and doors with our wooden sash windows, casement windows, wooden bi-fold doors or casement doors could be the perfect investment. Contact us today for a free quotation.


1. You can feel a draft


Drafts are a big sign that a door or windows needs to be replaced. As they age, they can shrink and cause gaps between the frame and building. This can cause drafts that will reduce the energy efficiency of your home. Check all around them for gaps and drafts.


2. Peeling/splitting paint


If there is visible paint peeling or splitting at your Richmond property, this could be due to moisture damage and will only get worse. If you notice the signs, start thinking about new wooden sash windows, casement windows, wooden bi-fold doors or casement doors.


3. Damaged frames or glazing


One of the clearest signs that you need to replace your windows or doors is visible damage and decay. Serious damage can lead to reduced security and energy efficiency, or leaks that could lead to moisture inside of your Richmond home. Replacement is highly recommended.


4. Difficulty opening or closing


From wooden sash windows and stylish casement windows to wooden bi-fold doors and functional casement doors, you should be able to open windows and doors effortlessly whatever the type. If the operation requires force and they keep sticking, replace them.


5. Condensation between window panes


Do you often see condensation building up on your windows or in the glass panes of your doors? If this is occurring frequently between the two panes of glass, it is a sign that the seals have failed and moisture is getting into the space. Often when this happens, the most cost-effective way Richmond customers can deal with the problems is to get them replaced.


6. Increase in your energy bills


If there has been a significant increase to your home’s energy bills, check your windows and doors. If you have single glazing or old windows and doors, their energy efficiency could be very low – causing your energy bills to be high.


7. Windows and doors are dated


Another great reason to replace the windows or doors of your Richmond property, is for added aesthetic appeal. Replacing dated installations with new products will immediately transform the look of your home inside and out.

Still can’t decide? Call Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd today to find out more about our wooden sash windows, casement windows, wooden bi-fold doors and casement doors in Richmond.

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