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If you are interested to know more about traditional window and door manufacturing, take a look below. We’ve supplied eight intriguing facts about them that you never knew.


8 Intriguing Facts About Windows and Doors


1. The earliest known glass objects are Egyptian and date back to 1350BC


Some of the first known glass artefacts, found in Egypt, date back to 1350BC. In the style of beads, they are thought to have been accidently made and were used for jewellery for many years. In 100D, the Roman Egyptians perfected the earliest form of ‘glazed’ windows.


2. The oldest known sash windows date back to 1670


Wooden sash windows date back to the 17th century and hold an important position in British architectural history. Some of the oldest surviving examples of sash windows date back to the 1670s, such as those at Ham House in Richmond, not far from Kensington.


3. Very early casement windows were mostly constructed using iron


Traditional casement windows became the most commonly used window type in the UK during the second half of the 18th century. During the early 1800s the casement section of the window was made of iron with lead latticing to the glass. By the beginning of the 1830s and the start of the Victorian era, casements and frames were constructed from timber.


4. Bi-folding doors actually go back to ancient Roman times


Wooden bi-folding doors and casement doors are an increasingly popular option for many property owners in Kensington today. However, did you know the Greek and Roman societies used similar designs? They preferred doors that could double or fold.


5. Double glazing as we know it now was invented by C.D Haven in 1930


Double glazing was invented in 1930 and many U.S. households starting make use of it in the 1940s, with the UK catching up in the 1970s craze. Today it is found in homes in Kensington and across the country, used for wooden sash windows and casement windows or even casement doors and wooden bi-folding doors.


6. Prior to the invention of glass, windows would be formed of things like paper


To keep out the elements, windows used to be made using materials such as cloth, paper and animal hide, or even thin slices of stone or wood. Much different from the modern double glazing we use for our wooden bi-folding doors and casement windows today.


7. You can keep period features such as sash windows and have double glazing


At Kingswood Joinery UK Ltd, we make wooden sash windows which have double glazed sliding sashes. This means customers in Kensington can retain the traditional slim period profile of authentic sash windows, yet have much higher energy efficiency in their home.


8. Ventilation and security is vastly improved with casement doors


Casement windows hinge open to the side and so, ventilation is greatly improved. With a wood casement window, as you are essentially opening a whole sheet of glass rather than just a small portion of it as you do with hung windows.

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