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Have a question about the products we offer in the Hammersmith area? On this page, we’ve answered three questions that customers often ask our team, regarding our wooden sash windows, casement windows, wooden bi-fold doors and casement doors. If you have any other question about our bespoke products and installation services, do not hesitate to call us on 0207 7020000. Alternatively, drop us an email on


3 Major Questions Answered




Wood is our material of choice for luxury, hand crafted installations as it offers a beautiful finish that cannot be rivalled by materials such as uPVC or metal. Wooden sash windows and casement windows are also traditional features of period properties in Hammersmith and the best way to retain authenticity is by investing in them. Our sash windows, along with our wooden bi-fold doors and casement doors and windows, can be supplied in either Hardwood or Redwood. Their authentic look adds aesthetic appeal to any style of property.


There is a common misconception that wooden doors and windows are naturally prone to defects, however at Kingwood Joinery UK Ltd, we have worked hard to carefully remove these defects. The result is bespoke products for our customers in Hammersmith, that not only authentic but do not have the common defects of usual wooden windows and doors. They are in fact, just as if not more resistant and durable as uPVC alternatives.




While wood for casement doors and bi-fold doors can be slightly more in price than uPVC, they tend to be more secure and strong. This is a huge benefit to property owners in Hammersmith and the surrounding areas, who are looking for options that enhance their home’s security. You can also save money as they are less likely to need repairs in the future, when properly installed and maintained. Our installation service is second-to-none.


Wooden bi-fold doors and casement doors also offer aesthetic appeal. They can both open to provide a large opening, allowing you to enjoy the view of your garden or a landscape better. They also allow the barrier between the inside and outside space to be broken, blending them together to create more space for you to enjoy. Our products are hand crafted to suit your personal requirements and taste, with a wide range of designs to offer.




It really is all down to individual preference, but many of our clients choose wooden sash windows if they have a Victorian or Edwardian house to retain an authentic and faithful appearance. Sash windows also have a certain romantic, traditional charm that people love. They are seen as an attractive feature for any property and can be manufactured to suit all styles.


Casement windows are more traditional of buildings built in the 1930s and 1940s, but remain a popular choice today among Hammersmith clients, for their aesthetic appeal and practicality. Just like casement doors, casement windows are hinged so that the entire panel can be swung open to allow plenty of light and ventilation. Contact us to find out more.

Call us today on 0207 7020000, to arrange a site visit in Hammersmith or to discuss our wooden sash windows, wooden bi-fold doors and other bespoke products.

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